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Small newsletter

Interactive mini newsletter popup feature with ability to target different pages, sources and behaviour
Display a small-sized newsletter signup popup message with powerful behavior and targeting options:
Left positioned popup message form
Interactive popup, customer can enter their email address to sign-up
Coupon code can be sent after signup and Captcha verification


Add an optional success message after form submit:
Use to provide a discount code to subscribers.
Popups can be positioned:
  • Left
  • Right
Popups can appear based on time or other behavior. Setting options include:
  • Show immediately
  • Show 10 seconds after page load
  • Show after user scrolls to the page bottom
  • Show after the user has been idle for 1 minute

Target Page

Display a custom newsletter popup to your customers only when the customer is browsing a certain page, product, collection, or blog post on your site. Target your message based on where customers are browsing on your site:
Create different popup messages and success rewards for various pages on your site.

Target Referrer

Target a specific audience by using Target Referrer. Your popup will only appear when the customer arrives at your site from a certain path or location.
Enable when running a promotion from another site. Reward with a custom promo code after successful signup.

Target Device

Customize which devices will see the small newsletter popup:
Enable to customize which style of popup message to use on mobile and desktop.