Broadcast theme
Broadcast v3

Theme blocks

Add, arrange and customize Product page theme blocks
Broadcast Product page theme blocks help you customize the primary or core content for your product pages and product templates. Adding sections further enhances your merchandising.

Types of theme blocks

Broadcast includes the following theme blocks for product pages/templates:
  • Price and title
  • Product description
  • Form (Product form)
  • Upsell
  • Sharing
  • Local pickup

Price and title

Displays product price, title, and star rating when using the Shopify Ratings app. Includes an option to display Navigation breadcrumb above the title (including vendor option, see settings)
Navigation options
  • None
  • Breadcrumb
  • Collection
  • Vendor
If the product price is set to $0, it's replaced by a translatable string - 'Free'.
If you want to change this text you can go into your Online Store > Themes and click on Actions > Edit Languages:
Search for free in the Filter bar and edit the field under General > Money > Free:
Update value to change the text for any language

Product description

Displays the product description from Product setup. Also displays tabs or accordions when configured.
  • Tab style (none, tabs, accordions)
  • Tab headings - Dynamic source supported
  • Tab content - Dynamic source supported
Note: When type style is set to none, no tabs or accordions are shown. See the article to learn more.

Form (Product form)

Displays all buying-related elements including product variants and swatches, quantity selector, the add to cart button, and the buy it now button. Optional size chart link is placed above variant options.
  • Size chart - Dynamic source supported
  • Show variant labels
  • Show quantity selector
  • Show dynamic checkout buttons
  • Subscription selectors (with supported app)


Displays upsell promotion when paired with a custom tag
No customizable settings. Tags are required in Product setup to display paired products or specific paired product variants. See the article to learn how.


Displays a share icon for sharing current product page on social platforms or link to send.
No customizable settings.

Local pickup

Displays where customers can pick up the product.