Broadcast theme
Updating your theme
Information about updating Broadcast to newer versions

Updating from a previous version of Broadcast

Broadcast v3 has been built to support Shopify Online Store 2.0 platform. This is a major change. We recommend that you download the new theme and build a fresh version of your store using the new tools included in the platform. There is no simple migration from earlier versions. This applies to all themes that have been built for Online Store 2.0.
Migrating settings is not recommend. Due to the many performance improvements including with Online Store 2.0, legacy settings files will slow down your store load times. A fresh theme build is recommended for Online Store 2.0. Consult a Shopify Expert if you require assistance with moving your store from an earlier version to Online Store 2.0.
Future releases based on Online Store 2.0 will be easier to migrate settings.

Updating from Broadcast v3.0.0 and higher

We will provide migration tips on how to copy your settings and sections when updating to a newer version of Broadcast using Online Store 2.0.
Online Store 2.0 uses JSON files to store all your settings and sections. Several JSON files hold this information. Currently, the best method to migrate or copy your settings is to copy the content from these files to the new theme version. Shopify may introduce tools in the future to help with this process. We will document a manual method to help our customers have the ability to migrate their settings when updating beyond Broadcast v3.0.0
Last modified 4mo ago