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Collection image spacing

How to add spacing between products on Collections and Product Grid sections
In this mini-tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to add spacing between products on Collection pages and any Product Grid section in Broadcast.


Default design without spacing


White-space added between products

How to

If you're experienced with making code changes or adding CSS, here's the CSS snippet you'll need to add:
/* -- Start Broadcast snippet to add spacing on collections and product grid -- */
@media (min-width: 749px) {
.product-item { padding: 20px; }
/* - end - */
The above code snippet will add 20px of padding between images for devices that are larger like a desktop browser. On mobile, the spacing won't be shown as the layout is different.
Adding spacing on mobile would make your images appear much smaller, we recommend keeping the mobile layout without spacing.

Detailed steps

In this quick video (3mins), we'll show you the steps to open the code editor and where to add the above code snippet to your theme: