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Update: Broadcast 5.0 is now out in the Shopify Theme Store. All customers can download the latest version for free.

Broadcast is likely the most feature-rich theme ever built for Shopify. We hope you didn’t notice. Broadcast is built to be a theme that is easy to set up and run for the first time and also a theme with rich features that you can tap into as your needs become more complex.

These docs are built to guide you along that journey. We hope to build themes that rarely need documentation but e-commerce is complex and some things just require explanation. In some cases these docs are opinionated. The authors of Broadcast have been working in e-commerce for over a decade, building Shopify themes, launching startups, and building large complex sites for international brands. We have opinions about best practices that are based on this experience. We have baked that ethos into Broadcast.

Our goal is to help you avoid pitfalls and build a site that is maintainable for the long term. In general, we don't document the obvious things. If you see documentation here, it’s probably worth reading — even if you are an expert. From all of us at Invisible, we hope you love it as much as we do.

Demo stores

Explore our Shopify demonstration stores running Broadcast:

Try Broadcast

Add Broadcast to your store today with our free trial version. All features are included. When you're happy with the theme, you can instantly purchase Broadcast and publish the theme live to all your customers:

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If you have questions or need additional assistance with using the theme, our support staff is here to help you by email. We offer free theme-related support by email to all our customers with no extra fees. You can also inquire about features or ask us questions about the theme before your purchase: »

Earlier versions of Broadcast

Broadcast has grown with Shopify over the years. We are currently on our fourth generation of the theme. Choose the version toggle at the top of the page next to the logo.

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