Broadcast theme
Broadcast v3

Text promo

Powerful and simple popup feature with ability to target different pages, sources and behaviour
A lightweight text and link popup with powerful behavior and targeting options:
Ideal for quick messages and targeted promo codes

Button Settings

Link to pages within your site or external
Popups can be positioned:
  • Left
  • Right
  • Center
Popups can appear based on time or other behavior. Setting options include:
  • Show immediately
  • Show 10 seconds after page load
  • Show after user scrolls to the page bottom
  • Show after the user has been idle for 1 minute

Target Page

Display a custom popup to your customers only when the customer is browsing a certain page, product, collection, or blog post on your site. Target your message based on where customers are browsing on your site:
Create different popups and messages for various pages of your site.

Target Referrer

Target a specific audience by using Target Referrer. Your popup will only appear when the customer arrives at your site from a certain path or location.
Enable when running a promotion on another site. Customize message based on the source.
Use to provide a custom discount code to your customers when they arrive from a social media or other paid promotion.

Target Device

Create a custom popup for mobile devices and another popup for desktop browsers with Target Device. Each popup can be customized with different assets and messaging.
Enable custom popups for mobile and desktop.