Image with text

Display two columns of rich content types with a wide range of options

This is one of Broadcast's most flexible sections, packed with different content block types and options. Quickly build beautiful promotions with versatility.

Build unique sections by adding multiple block types to the same column.


Build creative promotions for the product template or any page. Versatile enough to start any promotion concept with layers of options and settings for desktop and mobile devices.


  • The image column can have one or two images within the column. The size of the column can be increased.

  • The text area can include multiple block types stacked together. The divider block can help add separation or lines.

  • The placement of content can be swapped from left to right. Use the alignment option to place text to the left or center.

  • Mobile positioning can be reversed to show text content first or following the image.

  • Choose from various content blocks, such as Heading, Subheading, Text, Button, Divider, Accordion, Image, Video, Product, Collection, and Custom code.

  • Each content block can be customized with various options.

Video Overview

This video demonstrates how to build and customize the Image with text section, including block variations and mobile options:

Advanced setting

Learn more about the Advanced setting to show the placeholder image. The Image banner section contains a video on the concepts and how they are applied. You can use this feature in the same way for the Image with text section:

See also

The multicolumn section in Broadcast is another option to build a custom section with additional columns rapidly:

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