Text columns with images

Display multiple columns with text and image content equipped with custom shapes

Quickly build columns with text and images for any promotion in Broadcast. This section helps you build grid-style promotions or strips of photos. Broadcast will automatically align the columns to look perfect. Add creative shape designs with animation for a captivation section.


Design clean-looking photo galleries or include headings, text and buttons to build rich promotions.

Add shapes to each of the image blocks.


Use the section settings to configure the section heading, layout, alignment, colors and padding:

  • Use the section settings to add an optional header. Adjust the heading size.

  • The desktop layout can be a slider or grid.

  • Adjust the number of items per row. Smaller values will display bigger images. When you increase the number of items per row, the images will resize smaller to fit the row.

  • Use the alignment options for the heading and text. Set the default colors and adjust the padding.

With the image block settings, you can fine-tune the content:

  • Add an image and adjust the desktop and mobile aspect ratio sizes individually for the best display size. The image is optional for text-based columns.

  • Choose a shape to transform your image instantly. The blob-style shapes are animated on hover.

  • Add optional heading and text or call-to-action buttons.

  • The entire image can become a link if you omit the button text but include a link.

Video Overview

This video demonstrates the section settings and how to add shapes to the images, plus more:

  • Each image shape is adjusted individually at the block level.

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