Promote related collections on any collection page

Cross-promote other collections with sub-collections. Display a carousel or grid of links to related or similar collections on any collection page:

How it works

Broadcast uses Shopify's Navigation menu system to bring custom menu items into any collection page and displays them as sub-collections with a graphical image, collection name, description, and link.

How to setup

Sub-collections are already included with the default collection template, listed as a section called 'Subcollection':

Settings for Subcollection:

Adding collections

Use the link in the settings to create a navigation list, the rest is done right in your Shopify Admin under Navigation. Choose 'Add menu' to create a new menu:

Create a new menu with the same name (and/or handle) as your collection:

For our example, we will be adding sub-collections to our Necklace collection, our menu will be called Necklaces and the handle in lowercase: necklaces

Next, we'll add menu items, these will be the sub-collection links that are displayed in the sub-collection carousel or grid:

Create a new menu item for each collection that be listed as a sub-collection

Save your menu and your sub-collections are ready to use.

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