Updating from version 1 or 2

Customers updating from Broadcast versions 1.0.0 - 2.02

When you download the latest version of Broadcast from the Shopify Theme Store, you will be downloading the latest version which is based on Shopify's Online Store 2.0. The new platform is a major update and includes the ability to add sections everywhere. This means sections can be added outside of the homepage page to areas like Collections, Product Detail pages, Blogs, Pages, Search, and many more.

There is no direct update path as Shopify's new platform has been completely modified, and older theme versions are not able to easily copy over theme settings.

We recommend that you download the new theme and build a fresh version of your store using the new tools included in the platform. This may take some time so we recommend after you download the new version, explore all the new sections, blocks, and features and take the opportunity to build a new experience for your guests.

You can leverage all your existing photo and video assets, plus all your products, collections, blogs, and pages. These are not gone. You can now create a much richer experience and add plenty of promotions and new features throughout the site.

Migrating settings

Migrating settings is not recommended. Due to the many performance improvements including with Online Store 2.0, legacy settings files will slow down your store load times. A fresh theme build is recommended for Online Store 2.0. Consult a Shopify Expert if you require assistance with moving your store from an earlier version to Online Store 2.0.

Future releases based on Online Store 2.0 are much easier to migrate settings. Stores running Broadcast 3.0 and higher can easily copy over settings, sections, and blocks from all areas of the site to a newer version.

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