Broadcast theme

Footer settings

Customize the primary footer area above and below footer columns
Click on Footer to view main footer settings:

Setting Components

  • Logo
  • Background Image
  • Bottom Bar
  • Language Selector
  • Currency Selector
Add your brand logo to the top area of the footer:

Background Image

Add a background image to the entire footer area:
Use the opacity slider to help increase contrast with light background images

Bottom Bar

The bottom bar area allows an additional Shopify Navigation Menu at the bottom of the site:
Payment icons are automatically generated from your Shopify Admin Settings, Payments - Payment providers.

Language selector

Show language selector when multiple languages are configured:
Broadcast supports Shopify's language selector. Configure using Store languages in your Shopify Admin Settings:
Translation app is required for translations
Visit the Shopify App Store for language apps. Translations are handled by third-party apps. Please contact Shopify Support for additional details regarding multiple language support.

Currency selector

Show currency selector when multiple currencies are configured:
Choose between Currency and Country for selection options
Broadcast supports Shopify's currency selector. Configure using Payments in your Shopify Admin Settings. Choose Manage payments.
Please contact Shopify Support for any assistance with setting up Payments and Currencies.