Add a quick and simple newsletter sign-up form to any page

Broadcast provides various methods for adding a newsletter sign-up option to your shop, including the footer and blocks in various sections. This section allows you to promote your newsletter on any page easily.

The newsletter form collects the customer's email address and tags them in your customer base with "Accepts Marketing." When integrated with newsletter apps, you can target these customers with updates. New subscribers will be seen as new Customers in your Shopify admin tab.


Add the newsletter section to product pages, blog posts, or any page in your store. The image block lets you brand the promotion and increase awareness of your newsletter.


  • Use the image and sign-up blocks to build your promotion.

  • Adjust the section height for both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Width, padding, colors and section padding are available to complete the layout and style.

  • Text can be overlaid on an image and positioned in various locations:

Sending Newsletters

A third-party app from the Shopify App Store will be required for automated emails and the creation of custom mailing lists. The newsletter sign-up forms in all Shopify Themes can only collect the customer's email address and name. Apps help you build newsletters, add mailing lists, and automate sending messages to customers who have signed up.

Shopify email marketing apps can be found here:

Shopify App Store

Or search with this query:

Shopify App Store

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