Cross-selling and upselling features in Broadcast

Broadcast supports both a simple global product upsell option and also custom metafields to match any product with another. Both features can be used together.

Upsell block

After adding the Upsell block to a Product page template, you can easily add one product as your primary Upsell item which will instantly appear for all products using the same Product template:

This method is a simple way to use the upsell feature without the complexity of using metafields. It will add the chosen product to all products using the same template. Using multiple product templates, you can customize which product is selected for each template.

If you use the Select product option, that upsell product will appear for all products instantly. Think of this as a global upsell product. If you combine it with a metafield, the metafield will override the selected global option. Therefore, the fallback is the global choice and the override is the metafield.


With metafields, you can link any of your products to a certain product. This method allows you to customize each product to have its own cross-sell or upsell product. How to:

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