Enhanced accordion with image columns, icon columns, a contact form and more

This Broadcast section is packed with full-featured accordion blocks to help you design and build rich, interactive content. Display columns of rich content, such as images, icons with messaging, and text.


Build rich accordions on the home page, a lookbook, product pages, or anywhere on your site. Choose from a rich set of content blocks to display eye-catching information. Stack multiple accordion sections together to incorporate multiple column sizes.


  • The section settings help you style the accordion's layout. The open-by-default toggle lets you keep the accordion open by default or closed.

  • Add blocks to build each column within the accordion. Similar block types work well together or mix them for a creative design.

  • The block settings help you configure each column within the accordion section.

We've included a wide range of blocks to build the right accordion quickly:

  • Text column - Commonly used for standard FAQ-style accordions.

  • Image column - Add images to your accordion for a more appealing branded experience.

  • Icon column - Choose from a rich set of modern icons by Broadcast or add your own.

  • Custom code - Build your custom accordion column with app code, HTML or Liquid.

  • Contact form - Incorporate a Contact form right into your accordions.

Video Overview

This video demonstrates how to create image, icon and text accordions in Broadcast:

See also

For pages with longer question-and-answer style content, Broadcast has a unique Sidebar section that automatically generates navigation to groups of questions or content:

For a simple text-based question-and-answer section that supports one or two columns, Broadcast includes the Accordion group section:

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