About v5.2 release

Additional information on recent Broadcast updates

Header section: Toolbar block

Our latest header block allows you to add more menu items, more icons, and more functionality to your main navigation.

This new option has dedicated controls to show a menu, country and region selectors, a currency picker, social media icons as well as dedicated color settings (for the background and text).

Note: When the hamburger menu is enabled, links from the navigation menu will be added to the side drawer.

Image with text: Accordion block

Accordions are making their way to more sections. Add expandable blocks to your Image with text section.

Accordion group: new option

Show two columns of tabs with the new option in the accordion group section:

Multicolumn: new option

There are three new ways to display your image blocks in the multicolumn section. First, be sure to add an image block:

Select an image shape from the individual block settings. Try out the new blob and its hover animation!

The divider section has made its way to the footer group. Use it to add a horizontal ruler and separate the content above the header.

There is also a divider block inside the footer section itself. Use the individual block settings to adjust the width and space everything perfectly around it:

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