FAQ Accordions

Accordion group section included in default product template

Broadcast includes an accordion section with the default product template to help you provide frequently asked questions.

A place to promote your services and brand strengths. Include product reviews for the current product.

Theme blocks

Broadcast includes flexible content block types to help you quickly build rich accordions:

  • Text column

  • Image column

  • Icon column

  • Custom code

  • Contact form

Content block types can be mixed and combined in each accordion section

Example of adding a new icon column

Changing the heading

Hiding an entire accordion section

Displaying product reviews

When reviews are enabled, they will appear in the accordion. Broadcast has built-in support for the Shopify Reviews app (required).

Toggle under Reviews:

After the deprecation of 'Product Reviews' please reach out to your respective app developer to confirm the best integration process with your version of Broadcast.

Custom content inside accordions

Using metafields, we can add custom unique content to accordion blocks for individual products.

Video tutorial - How to add custom content using metafields

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