Article theme blocks

Add, arrange and customize Article page theme blocks

Broadcast theme blocks for Blog post pages and blog post templates help you customize the primary or core content for your blog post also known as article pages.

Adding sections further enhances your blog post content.

Types of theme blocks

Broadcast includes the following theme blocks for blog post pages/templates:

  • Related products

  • Recent articles

  • Navigation

  • Pinterest widget

When you add a link to any product page inside your blog post - If enabled, Broadcast will display a product card in the sidebar of your article page.

Customers can click on the sidebar product card to view the product page:

Recent articles

Display and link to your three most recent articles in the sidebar:

Add navigation links to the sidebar. By default, Broadcast will generate a menu from your blog post tags.

You can override the tag navigation with your own custom menu created in the Shopify Admin Navigation editor:

Pinterest widget

Broadcast will create a Pinterest image in the sidebar which will be used when your article is shared on Pinterest:

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