Sale items

Sale elements on the Product Detail Page and Product Grid sections

Broadcast adds sale elements to your Product Detail page, Collection pages, and Product Grid sections to help your customers visually see sale times and their savings.

On the product pages, Broadcast adds a sale badge next to the sale price displaying the savings percentage:

The text that follows the percent symbol, 'OFF' can be modified in the Language Editor.

On a Collection page or any section that uses the product grid, Broadcast can add a custom color sale badge over the product image:

How to setup

Sale pricing is managed in the Product setup for each product where 'Price' is the discounted price and 'Compare at price' is the original price or more expensive value:

Use the Theme Editor to customize the Sale badge feature used on Collection pages and product grid sections.

Under Theme Settings, select Product Grid:

Here, you can customize the badge colors and also toggle on/off the badge feature:

Customize language

With the Language Editor, you can modify the text used for both styles of badges. Begin by opening the Language Editor:

Sale badge on Collection pages and Product Grid sections

To modify the text 'sale' change the text value found under Product -> On sale.

Percent 'off' text on Product Detail pages

To modify the text 'off' change the text value found under Product -> Off.

Save your changes.

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