Broadcast theme

Upselling with metafields

Broadcast includes a Goes with feature to help upsell products on individual product pages using metafields
Feature added in Broadcast 3.4. For earlier versions click here
With Broadcast, you can suggest a pairing product on any of your Product pages. This allows the customer to purchase two separate products within one product page.
Easily promote add-on products
Broadcast includes an easy variant chooser for your products which have multiple variants:
The Broadcast Variant Chooser Drawer

New Variant Chooser Drawer demonstration:

Variant chooser drawer and works together with the cart drawer using layers

Cart promotions

A second chance is available to the customer in the Cart drawer. If the customer doesn't use the Product page upsell promotion, they will have another opportunity in the Cart drawer:
Appears when original promotion is skipped
Broadcast now uses Shopify's Metafields feature to pair products with other products. A new Variant Chooser makes it easy for customers to select the right option.

How to setup

There are three main steps when using Broadcast's upsell feature:
  1. 1.
    Create a product metafield with a unique namespace and key called: theme.upsell
  2. 2.
    Link products together in the Product setup
  3. 3.
    Add the Upsell block to the Product form in the Theme Editor.
Let's begin with creating a new custom metafield:

Metafield configuration

The first step is to define a product metafield with the namespace and key of theme.upsell and type Reference to Product, Single product:
Start by defining a new metafield in your Shopify Admin under Settings:
Choose Metafields under Settings
Click on Add definition:

The important part

Name your metafield "Upsell" and make sure you change the default namespace from custom to theme. The namespace and key should be exactly: theme.upsell:
The Content type, should be Product, One product.

Creating metafield demonstration:

Change custom to theme in the Namespace and key = theme.upsell
To pair products, use the Product setup in your Shopify Admin:
Choose a product, then scroll to the bottom where you'll find your newly created Upsell option under metafields.
Here you can easily choose a product to pair with:

Choosing a product demonstration:

Save your changes.

Final step, add the Upsell block in the Theme Editor

This is a quick step and is done in the Theme Editor. Navigate to a product in the Theme Editor or use the Default product template (or any product template):
Choose Add block under Product pages:
Add the Upsell block. Add block -> Upsell:
Save your Theme Editor changes.

Adding the Upsell block demonstration: