Setting up the primary heading and body fonts for your site

Broadcast uses two primary fonts: Heading and Body. You can choose these font values from a large library of professional fonts provided for free from Shopify by Google. After choosing these two font types, you can customize different elements throughout the theme with these default choices.


Begin by choosing a Heading font that will be used for various types of headings throughout the site:

  • Adjust the default Font size to set the size of the heading font. Many sections and blocks allow you to override this setting with their own font size option.

  • Adjust the default Letter spacing. This is the spacing between each of the letters. This setting helps you configure a wide or narrow style heading.

  • You can use the checkbox option for Uppercase to set the default heading style to always be in uppercase. This will convert lowercase heading entries into uppercase.

Body text

Let's look at the body text font next. Choose a font for your primary body text, which will be used for descriptions, blog posts, product information, and more.

Subheadings and Navigation

Now that you've chosen both a Heading font and a Body text font, we can pick which font to use as our default choice for subheadings and navigation.

  • We've chosen the Heading font for our default Subheadings font.

  • We've chosen the Body font as our default option for the Navigation links and text.

Sections and Blocks

Many sections in Broadcast will have different block types, like a Heading block, a Subheading block, and a Text block. These blocks will use the font choices you've made in the Theme settings above.

  • In the above Countdown section example, the Subheading block is used above the Heading block.

Custom fonts

The Shopify font library contains a large variety of free fonts provided by Google that you can use for your store. These professionally designed fonts are widely used in most E-Commerce stores.

We recommend using a font from the Shopify Font Library, as it's integrated into the theme and provided by Shopify.

If your store requires custom fonts that are unavailable in the library, you can add them manually to the theme by using some CSS and modifying the theme code. Please remember that these fonts will not appear in the Shopify Font Library.

We strongly recommend using a Shopify Expert to implement this code change to your theme for best results. Our support staff cannot assist you or make this change for you.

The font choices in the Shopify Font Library cannot be modified. It's managed by Shopify, and you cannot add or remove fonts into this library directly. Custom fonts can only be added using CSS and editing the Theme code.

Our support staff cannot assist you or make this change for you.

To help those who are familiar with making code changes and have already done this with a previous theme, we have a video with some advanced steps:

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