Shop the look

Shoppers can find products from branded images

Broadcast's interactive image and product section helps shoppers find the products from your brand images.


Use it as a static image to promote products. Or display the product dots, which link to the products, making it easier to find the right one. Perfect for any page, including Lookbooks.

The product dots can be easily positioned over the branded image and link to the product in the section.


  • For desktop viewers, position the brand image on the left or right side.

  • Products can be shown in one or two columns.

  • Toggle the product dots to make it an interactive or static section.

  • Each product block has horizontal and vertical dot position sliders to map precisely where you like.

  • Mobile users have an interactive slider to view the products:

Video Overview

This video demonstrates the section settings and block options for the Shop the Look section, including mobile layouts:

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