Variant images

Display images for any variant type on your product form

Introduced in Broadcast 5.6

Broadcast can display variants with images to help your customers choose the right product type or size. You can combine swatches for colors and other variant types with images to represent your products visually.

Enable with the checkbox option and choose the layout style. Two layout styles are available, in-line and stacked:

In-line style

Stacked style

Product setup

Associate images to variants in your product setup. Broadcast will use the 'Size' variant images or any other variant type. In the example below, we've used 'Type' for the variant images:

  • Variant images can be used to help customers see sizes, styles, designs or even packaging.

  • Swatches can be used to represent colors

Variant type

You can customize which variant types will use the Variant image feature in Broadcast. By default, Broadcast will use the 'Size' variant. To use other variant types, edit the default theme content (Language editor). Click on the ellipsis icon in the top left and choose 'Edit default theme content':

Choose the 'Products' tab:

Scroll down the long list of options under the 'Products' tab to a group called 'Product'. In this group, you'll find an option called 'Variant option image':

You can change the default 'Size' value to a different value like 'Type':

Multiple variant types can be used. Separate each one by a comma:

Save your changes.

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