Upselling with tags

Broadcast includes a 'Goes with' feature to help upsell products on individual product pages

This article is for Broadcast v3.0 to v3.3.1 only. Tags are not supported as of v3.4

With Broadcast, you can suggest a pairing product on any of your Product pages. This allows the customer to purchase two separate products within one product page.

Two upsell opportunities

One - Broadcast can suggest a product to pair with. The customer can choose the upsell product from the Cart after adding the primary product.

Two - Customer can add the upsell product to the Cart directly from the main product page and also add the primary product to Cart.

How to:

There are two steps involved with setting up upselling:

  1. Add the Upsell theme block to the default product template

  2. Tag your product with a custom upsell tag to pair/link with another product

1. Add the Upsell theme block to the default product template

Position the upsell promotion

Use drag-and-drop to position the upsell theme block on your product page:

2. Tag your product with a custom upsell tag to pair with another product

To pair a product with another, you simply add a tag to the main product with a custom tag. The tag links to the upsell product or links directly to a variant of the upsell product.

Here's an example of a primary product called Carnation. We'll add the custom upsell tag here. This tells Broadcast that when a customer is viewing the Carnation product, to suggest an upsell product as well. The upsell product is the custom tag (Radiance):

We simply add a tag called '_upsell_radiance' to Carnation which implies that Radiance is the product we want to promote on the Carnation page.

Creating upsell tags

There are three parts to creating your custom upsell tags:

  1. The first part of the tag must start with _upsell_

  2. The second part of the tag must match the product handle of the upsell item

  3. The last part is the variant ID. This is only required for products with variants.

Example of a completed tag without variants: _upsell_radiance


Broadcast can suggest more than just an upsell product, Broadcast can suggest an exact variant of a product to upsell. This can be helpful if you're trying to upsell a certain color or size of the product.

Example of a completed tag for a product that has variants: _upsell_amaranth_39284826538048

Finding the product handle

All Shopify products have a unique product handle. You can easily find the product handle in the main Shopify Admin under Products. Choose any product in your Shopify Admin for Products, then simply use the 'Edit website SEO' link to view details about that product including the handle:

Finding the product variant ID

All Shopify products with variants have a unique ID number associated with the product.

To find the variant ID, browse the product in your Shopify Product Admin, choose the Edit button next to the desired variant, and find the variant ID at the end of your browser URL address:

Let's put that all together:

In this example, we'll upsell a different product called, Amaranth. This product has variants. To make our correct custom upsell tag, we'll need:

  1. The upsell tag prefix: _upsell_

  2. The product handle

  3. The variant ID for the variant we will be upselling

First, we'll get the product handle:

The product handle is 'amaranth'

Great, now let's get the variant ID:

The variant ID is: 39284826538048

Perfect, we now have everything we need to create our upsell tag:


Finally, let's add this to our primary product, called Carnation, so we can upsell the Amaranth two-pack variant:

We can now view the product page for Carnation and see the upsell promotion:

Demo of adding both products to the cart:

Remember, only products with one or more variants require the variant ID in the upsell tag. If your product has no variants (like our Radiance example) you only need the prefix and handle.

Cart upsell promotions are only supported when Cart Drawer is enabled in the Theme Settings.

Stacking upsell promotions

In the Cart, Broadcast can stack upsell promotions. If the upsell product itself has an upsell tag to another product, Broadcast will promote both in the cart if the buyer adds the first upsell item.

Example: The primary product is Carnation. Carnation has an upsell product called Amaranth. Amaranth also has an upsell product called Radiance.

Changing the 'Goes with' heading

The main heading for this block uses a translatable string:

To change this heading you can go into your Online Store -> Themes and click on Actions -> Edit default theme content:

In the Products tab edit the 'Upsell title' field:

Save the changes and check your Product pages:

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