Free shipping message

Dynamic message to encourage increased items per transaction

Broadcast includes a dynamic Free shipping message block where you can display an animated progress wheel and currency value to inform your customers how close they are to qualifying for free shipping:

The wheel fills up, and the value changes as items are added to the cart.

Use to encourage add-on sales and increased quantities.

Add the "Free shipping message" block to your announcement bar and customize the options and settings:

How to setup

  • Use the Show progress wheel toggle to display or hide the animated circle effect:

  • You can modify the message in the Message area. The || amount || portion is the dynamic value you set in your Theme Settings -> Cart. Keep this custom shortcode and modify any text around it.

Example of a message modification:

Spend ||amount|| more for free shipping.
  • To adjust the free shipping value, navigate to Theme settings and then choose Cart:

The cart drawer and announcement bar use the same setting value:

  • Optionally, you can customize the free shipping message information further using the Target page, Target referrer, and Target device settings.

For example, you limit the free shipping announcement bar message to appear only on certain pages:

You can also use a shorter message for mobile devices and a longer version for desktop browsers:

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