About v5.4 release

Additional information on recent Broadcast updates

Products with image - New section

Display a branded image with a selection of products with this new two-column style section:

The mobile version displays the image first, followed by the products:

Image with text section now supports media in the text block

Add an image or video block into the text area of the Image with text section:

Insert an image or video into the text column:

The main image is configured in the section settings. The image block will add an image to the text area. Drag the image or video block to sort placement position in the text area.

Transparent header support for product pages

Create modern designs for product pages, now with transparent header support:

Find the settings in the Header section:

For best results, use the Stretched option for the Product page layout:

Subheading settings - New options

Now you can configure both the Body and Heading styles for Subheadings:

Adjust the font sizing, and letter spacing, plus an option to make subheadings in all uppercase.

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