About v5.0 release

Additional information on recent Broadcast updates

Gift card - Send directly to the recipient with a message

Customers can now send a gift card directly to the recipient's email and include a personal message.

In the Theme Editor, use the checkbox option on the Buy buttons block to enable.

The customer will then have the option to send it as a gift:

Multicolumn - New mobile aspect ratio setting

An image aspect ratio for mobile has been added in Broadcast 5.0. This will help provide more flexibility when designing complex layouts. In the example below, two Multicolumn sections are used to build a mosaic. The second has wider images. With the new settings, the mobile aspect ratio can be adjusted to make the images consistent with the section above:

Example of wider desktop images showing with 1:2:1 aspect ratio for mobile which matches the section image sizes of the previous section:

Shop the look - Option for 2 per row

We've added the ability to show 2 product grid items per row. Ideal for showing more on desktop screens:

Collection list - New mobile layout styles

Broadcast now includes mobile layout styles for the Collection list section. You can choose to display 1 or 2 collections per row or the mobile slider:

Layout examples for mobile:

Upsell functionality updated to work with one product and metafields

Now you can easily add one product right from the Theme Editor as your Upsell item which will instantly appear for all products using the same Product template.

This method is a simple way to use the upsell feature without the complexity of using metafields. It will add the chosen product to all products using the same template. If you use multiple product templates, you can customize which product is selected for each template.

If you use the Select product option, that upsell product will appear for all products instantly. Think of this as a global upsell product. If you combine it with a metafield, the metafield will override the selected global option. Therefore, the fallback is the global choice and the override is the metafield.

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