Build custom multi-column promotions rapidly, using rich content blocks

Broadcast's full-featured section to build rich, beautiful, custom layouts and promotions. The multicolumn section is a perfect starting point for building creative promotions from one to many columns with rich blocks and animation.


Sample layouts and styles when using the multicolumn section.

  • Text blocks with large heading sizes:

  • Menu block paired with an image block:

  • Two rows of text blocks with equal sizes:


Experiment with various column widths, blocks and image shapes. The multicolumn section can be used throughout your site with different designs.


  • The section settings help you add an optional heading and configure the content's alignment, section colors, and padding.

  • You can choose from different content blocks, such as images, icons, text, and menus. Each block added creates a new column within the section.

  • Each block includes a column width option. Adjust the sizes to build rows of content. Four blocks sized at 50% will build two rows, and three blocks sized at 33% will build one row.

  • Image blocks have shape options and can have text and a call-to-action button after the image:

Video Overview

This video demonstrates different column layouts and also covers some of the section and block settings to achieve different styles:

Video walkthrough of the multicolumn section

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