Pre-order products using tags

Replace the add-to-cart button with a pre-order button using tags

If you have a product that is not yet ready to be shipped to customers, you can set it up as a pre-order product. Broadcast can replace the add-to-cart button with a pre-order button by using a _preorder tag.

How to use

  • From your Shopify admin, choose 'Products'

  • Choose the product you want to change into a preorder

  • Add the tag _preorder

  • Save the product

When Broadcast sees a product with this tag, the 'Add to cart' button will automatically be changed to 'Pre-order'.

Customize the button text

Use the language editor to customize the button text for pre-order.

Search for pre-order in the Filter bar:

Manually capture payment

Pre-orders require that you set up payment options to manually capture payments instead of automatically.

From your Shopify admin, click Settings (bottom left), and then click Payments:

Scroll down to find the Payment capture section, and choose Manage for Payment capture set to Manual:

Choose Manually capture payment for orders:

Learn more about Capturing payments from Shopify:

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