Size charts

Display different size charts on product pages

Broadcast includes a feature to display a custom size chart for any product you sell or a single size chart for all products when using the default product template:

Custom size chart for any product

Broadcast uses product metafields to display a unique Size chart on each product page. This allows you to create multiple size charts and assign them to different products in your store.

How to setup

Create size chart pages

To begin, create as many size chart pages as needed in your Shopify Admin Page editor. If you have an image already created for your size chart, add that to the content section of the page:

Create a reference metafield

The next step is to define a Product metafield using Page as the reference type:

Setup products

Your products will now have a Metafields section at the bottom. Use this to select which size chart page should be displayed when a customer is viewing this product.

Connect dynamic data source

In the Theme editor, choose your Size chart metafield as the dynamic source:

Video tutorial

Watch all the steps required to set up a custom metafield and connect to your products:

Steps covered in the video:

  • Create a reference metafield - Shopify Admin Settings

  • Assign a size chart to products (choose a page) - Shopify Product setup

  • Connect dynamic data source - Theme editor product template

Single Size chart for all products

If your store requires only one Size chart for all product pages, you can skip a few steps and simply choose a page the theme settings:

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