Out-of-stock notification

Learn which products your customers are most interested in when out of stock

The 'Out-of-stock notification' feature in Broadcast helps customers engage with you when items are out of stock.

Customers can easily submit an email request for an item or variant that is currently out of stock:

How to enable the feature

Using the Theme Customizer, enable the global feature under the Theme settings -> Product form:

Check the box to turn on the feature. Uncheck to turn it off. Save your changes.

All out-of-stock items, including variants, will now display a custom 'Sold out' button with the 'Notify me when it's available' message.

How to customize the button text

Using the Theme Customizer, click on the ellipsis icon (three dots) at the top-left next to the Theme name, and then choose 'Edit default theme content':

Under the 'General' tab:

Scroll down to the 'Newsletter form' section, under 'Newsletter product availability' and modify the text to your preference:

Save your changes.

Processing requests

When the customer submits the form, the merchant will receive an email message similar to a Contact form message. The message will include details of the product, variant and email address. You can record that information and respond to the customer using the email address included in the form.

The out-of-stock form will appear in a drawer (similar to a cart drawer) for the customer to complete. The name of the product and variant is shown to the customer:

After adding their email address, a confirmation message appears in the drawer:

The merchant will receive an email to the same account, and the merchant will receive store contact form messages. Here is an example:

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