Tabs and accordions

Product description

This article is for Broadcast version 3 and newer. For earlier versions of Broadcast, click here

Broadcast can show your product description in tabbed or accordion format. Add extra content to your product pages to help improve customer confidence in your products and brand.

How to use

Start by clicking on the product description block on any product template, to open the product description settings:

Tab style

Choosing 'Accordion' will convert tabs to accordions:

Choosing 'Disable tabs' will hide all tabs:

Hiding a single tab

To hide or disable a tab, remove the title or description of that tab. Both the title and description are required to display a tab.

Product Description tab content will appear on all your product pages (that use the same product template).

This is helpful if you need to display the same content on all your product pages. This also simplifies editing tab content. For unique content inside tabs, use Metafields.

Metafields for displaying unique and custom content

Product description tabs in Broadcast support Shopify's Dynamic source feature. Using metafields will allow you to attach custom content to each product and then display them on the product page.

Learn how to add unique content into each tab using metafields:

Tab content using metafields

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