Settings and layout

Settings and layout options for Product pages

Click on 'Product pages' to view the section settings and options:

Product Description

Enable sticky form

The product form stays in view while scrolling stacked images. This view is recommended for long pages with large images.

The main benefit is that it allows shoppers to have access to the call-to-action buttons while scrolling product images.

Sticky behavior ends when the shopper has reached the last product image and continues to the content below. This is best used with the 'stacked' image gallery.


Image display

Broadcast includes a few different layout styles for displaying your product images and thumbnails:

  • Thumbnails - Bottom

  • Thumbnails - Left

  • Stacked

  • Mosaic

  • Grid

Thumbnails - Bottom

Thumbnails - Left



The mosaic layout displays a large first image followed by 2-column smaller images. A popular design choice as thumbnails are large and less scrolling is needed over the stacked layout design:


The grid layout shows two rows of images side-by-side.

Image size

Broadcast also includes three image sizes to choose from to help match your product images:

  • Small

  • Normal

  • Stretch - No thumbnails

Cart bar

Enable cart bar

The cart bar remains visible to shoppers while scrolling through long product pages.

It includes the product name, price, and Add to Cart button making it easy for customers to add your product to the cart:


Broadcast includes a powerful image zoom feature that allows customers to easily zoom in on product images and cycle through them in a full-screen browser window mode:

Section padding

Section padding gives you granular control over the spacing above and below sections.

With product pages, the controls will help you increase or reduce white space at the top and bottom of the main product information:

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