Rich text

Add headings or text anywhere

Broadcast's rich text section is the simplest method for adding text or headings above or between sections. It allows you to add large or short messages with headings, subheadings, and text styles.


  • Introduce sections with rich text. Place the section above another to build a seamless look:

  • Extended text can be spanned over columns with the columns block:

  • The text block can be used to build heading tags for SEO, like an H1:


  • Add a background image to help the section pop out. Both desktop and mobile options are available.

  • The text alignment option can centre text. The overlay and color options can be used to fine-tune the content.

  • Use the columns block to break content up into columns instantly. Choose how many columns to display.

Video Overview

This video demonstrates the section settings and block options for the Rich text section:

Video walkthrough of the rich text section

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