Featured product

Display large background product images when promoting a product

Scroll through product images with Broadcast's captivating product section. Highlight the featured product while shoppers scroll through the page.

The section remains sticky while product images are displayed. Shoppers can purchase directly with the Quick Add feature or click through to view the full product page.


Broadcast offers both horizontal and vertical scrolling styles for this section. Choose how many product images to display.


  • Choose the product layout position, left or right of the images.

  • Broadcast pulls the product images directly from the product setup. In the section settings, you can limit the number of images displayed when scrolling with the range slider.

  • Desktop and mobile background image options are available. When used, the product images are reduced in size, and scrolling occurs within the background image.

  • Choose the scrolling direction, horizontal or vertical.

  • Optionally, add a background color behind the product.

Video Overview

This video demonstrates the layout options and scrolling styles for desktop and mobile. Plus, all the section settings for the Featured product:

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