How to update Broadcast

Tips on how to update to the latest version

All licensed customers of Broadcast can now easily update to newer versions of Broadcast using the Shopify update tool:

Updating process

When using the Shopify update tool with your current live theme:

  • A copy of your existing theme is created and added to the drafts folder.

  • The Shopify update tool will then apply the new theme code to this copied version.

  • The live theme is never modified during the process, and it will not affect customers.

Tips on updating

  • We recommend you start by manually duplicating your current live theme. This step is optional but good practice when performing any theme update.

  • It's safe to update your live theme as the Shopify update tool first makes a copy of the live theme and then applies changes to the copied version. The live theme is never modified.

  • After the update has been completed, you can review and customize it.

  • We recommend viewing the release notes and the Broadcast documentation to see what's new. Then, experiment with the changes to enhance and optimize your store.


Quick video demonstrating the entire process of using the Shopify update tool with Broadcast with a live theme:

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