Text columns with icons

Display messages with professionally designed icons

Broadcast includes a wide range of commerce shopping icons that can create promotions and key product or brand messages without images.


Choose from a large list of commerce shopping icons built right into Broadcast. Each icon block creates a new column. Mobile devices can view one or two columns per row or flick through a slider version.


Use the section settings to configure the section heading, layout, alignment, colors and padding:

  • Add an optional heading and adjust the size.

  • Choose a grid or slider layout for desktop browsers. Broadcast includes how many items per row to display when using the grid layout style.

  • Use the alignment options to adjust the heading, icons, columns and section width.

  • The color settings allow you to set the default color of the icons, which each icon block can override.

  • Configure the mobile layout with one or two items per row or a compact slider version.

Each of the icon blocks has settings to customize the column:

  • Choose from a pre-built icon from our commerce shopping collection or add your own image.

  • Adjust the color and height of the icon or image.

  • Add a heading and supporting text. Adjust the sizes for the heading and text.

Video Overview

This video demonstrates the layout options for desktop and mobile devices and covers how to configure the icons:

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