Display navigation-style links with shapes and colors

Highlight links in your store in colorful shapes and sizes to help your customers find your products and services. The Highlights section in Broadcast is fast and simple to set up.

The section can be used to build a separation between your content. Use it on the homepage, product pages, blogs and other pages.


The shapes and color options help you build the right highlights for your brand. Links can be used as a secondary navigation for your pages.


  • Add as many highlight blocks as required to build your navigation.

  • Choose from the multiple shape options, including square, rectangle, circular and button.

  • Adjust how many highlights per row. Multiple rows are generated based on the number of highlight blocks added. The size of each highlight is based on the number per row.

  • Optionally, add and style a heading.

  • Each block can be customized with different colors, links and label text.

  • Background images can be used behind the text in place of the colors.

Video Overview

This video demonstrates the section settings and block options for the Highlights section, including mobile layouts:

Video walkthrough of the Highlights section

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