A powerful all-in-one video section for banners and building attention-grabbing promotions

Create video banners and promotional sections to enhance your brand, products, and services with this single-column section in Broadcast.


The video section can loop MP4 or MOV format videos from your content library. Videos can also appear with a pop-up player, ideal for longer video content.

Broadcast always presents a clean branded experience for shoppers, including options to add separate poster images for desktop and mobile devices. These images will load first while your video is loading into the browser and then be replaced by the video content.

Adding videos to your store is perfect for creating attractive promotions. You can easily incorporate them into any page of your store.

YouTube and Vimeo

YouTube and Vimeo videos can only be displayed as Popup videos. The reason is, Shopify can't control the ads and linked videos that YouTube or Vimeo will display in the video. The result is a very unprofessional background section.

If you need to use a YouTube or Vimeo video, we have a couple of recommendations:

  • To use as a background video, download the YouTube or Vimeo video and convert it to an MP4 or MOV format, then you can simply add it to your Shopify library.

  • For a popup video, you can add the YouTube or Vimeo URL in the Popup section. Use a branded image or a still frame from the video to represent the video.


Use the section settings to configure all the options for the video section.

  • To loop an MP4 or MOV video, select a supported video from your content library into the video option.

  • To use the optional popup feature, check the toggle option and select a video from your content library or a YouTube/Vimeo link address. In the section settings, lower down, find and adjust the button style and colors to modify the play icon.

  • Add a branded image or still frame image for desktop and mobile options in the image section. These images will be used while your video is loading into the browser. The mobile version is optional but recommended with a taller portrait-style image. For desktop, we recommend a 16:9 aspect ratio image, and for mobile, an 18:9 or 19:9 aspect ratio image.

  • Under Layout, use the desktop and mobile height options to find the right size for the video and poster image. Desktop and mobile controls are available.

  • For a banner-style image, choose the full-width option or add padding when using it to promote a page that incorporates padding on the sides.

  • The overlay settings help to bring contrast into the image when using text.

  • Add any optional text content with the heading and text settings. You can adjust the size for each of them.

  • Configure a call-to-action button or use the button settings to customize the popup play button style.

When enabled, the popup play button uses the same style as the call-to-action button. Adding a popup video can help display longer video content:

To display a circle-shaped play button, use the Theme settings -> Buttons and choose the "Pill" style. The square version is a regular rectangular shape, and the rounded version has rounded corners.

Video Overview

How to use the video section. This video demonstrates how to use the settings and options, plus details about the cover image and video types for looping and YouTube videos:

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