Scrolling text

Display rich marquee style or slider text promotions

With Broadcast, you can build rich scrolling text promotions with various font sizes, images, colors, scrolling directions and even a softer slider style. Add an eye-catching message to any spot on your pages.

Broadcast includes custom content blocks for dynamic free shipping information, custom code to build your own content and integrate with apps, plus an image block.


The scrolling text section offers a variety of creative options. Broadcast allows you to target specific desktop or mobile devices with custom messages.

Combine multiple scrolling text sections to build eye-catching promotions.


The section settings allow you to customize the section's function and layout. The block settings control the content and target options.

Section settings

  • Choose between scrolling text like a marquee or a slider version similar to a slideshow.

  • The slider version has an autoplay setting and text alignment.

  • The scrolling text has speed control, direction, and spacing between content blocks.

  • You can choose the size of your text, adjust the background settings, and set the section padding. A border can also be displayed above and below the section.

Block settings

  • The text announcement block is the primary text content you can display and target on desktop or mobile devices.

  • Use the image block to display any image from your library.

  • The free shipping block has a dynamic value based on the cart total, which informs the customer how much more they need to spend to qualify for free shipping.

  • The custom code block lets you add HTML or Liquid code to build your content or integrate content with other Shopify Apps.

Video Overview

This video demonstrates the section settings and block options for the Scrolling text section, including various styles and examples:

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