Default theme content

Language editor

Broadcast uses Shopify's default theme content or language editor to manage text used throughout the theme.

With Shopify's editor for default theme content, which has also been called the Language Editor in the past, you can quickly and easily customize the text built into the theme.

Example modification

In this example, we'll change the "From" text that appears on the product grid or collection pages:

The "From" text automatically appears when a product has a range of prices. Some variants will be priced lower than others. We can modify the default theme content by changing the "From" text.

How to

While in the Theme Editor, use the ellipsis icon at the top (three dots) and choose "Edit default theme content":

Broadcast stores many general or common fields in the "General" tab.

When the editor loads, you'll see a row of category tabs. In our example, we'll use the "Products" tab to find the "From" text:

You can modify this text and Save your changes.


Watch this quick video on how to make the above change:

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