Display an interactive timeline of events and progress

Broadcast includes a unique interactive timeline section to showcase events, milestones, goals or even age-based shopping options.

With modern animation effects, this section enhances the online shopping experience for customers who scroll down the page or click on the timeline hotspots.


The timeline section can be used with or without images for simple text-based content or rich sliding images.

Mobile users experience a horizontal sliding version that's easy to swipe through.


Use the section settings to configure the presentation of the section:

  • Add an optional heading, which can also be sized and aligned.

  • Toggle using images

  • With the color options, you can change the hotspot color, text, and section background.

  • Adjust the mobile height setting to match the best size for your images.

  • Section padding options help match the desired layout for your page.

Each timeline block has options to configure the period information:

  • Add an image for the timeline period.

  • The subheading is placed above the main heading text.

  • Add your heading and choose a size.

  • Use the text for your main description content.

  • The optional call-to-action button can link to any page. Use the button style and color options to complete each period in the timeline.

Video Overview

This video demonstrates the configuration options for both desktop and mobile views of the timeline section and how to configure the timeline periods:

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