Image with text slider

Display sliding text cards or entire promotions on rotation

With Broadcast's Image with text slider section, you can build text slide cards with one image or an entire promotion that scrolls through your promotions.


This section can rotate through multiple text messages while displaying a single image. Optionally, the entire section can rotate through multiple image and text promotions.


  • In the section settings, choose one or two images and add multiple text slider blocks to create rotating messages with a sticky image.

  • Each block can have an override image. When using the overriding image, the entire promotion will rotate.

  • Adjust the layout style, desktop height, mobile height, and image column width in the section settings for optimal design.

  • Section padding and width options are also available in the section settings.

  • Add your messaging and optional call-to-action within each text slider block.

Video Overview

This video demonstrates the section settings and block options for the Image with text slider section, including both types of rotating messages:

Video walkthrough of the Image with text slider section with rotation types

Advanced setting

Learn more about the Advanced setting to show the placeholder image. The Image banner section contains a video on the concepts and how they are applied. You can use this feature in the same way for the Image with text slider section:

pageImage banner

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