Hero-style banner images with multiple slides

Broadcast's multiple-slide hero banner section offers your store a wide range of options to customize and create a rich slideshow asset. Promote your key messages with this powerful branding tool.


Use with one or more slides. Broadcast includes multiple slide transitions, height options for mobile and desktop, autoplay controls and more.


  • Each slide has an option for a desktop or mobile image. We recommend a wide, 16:9 ratio image for desktop devices and tall 18:9 or 19:9 aspect ratio images for mobile. Image cropping occurs from side to side and top to bottom. Keep the subject matter in the middle of your image for best results. Experiment with completely different images when choosing desktop and mobile images.

  • The overlay feature can help add contrast between the image and text messaging. Experiment with different colors, opacity, and the option to display only the overlay behind the text.

  • Each slide has text position options for both desktop and mobile. Move your messaging around to find the perfect spot over the branded image.

  • Two buttons can be added to each slide for different call-to-action links. Leave the button text blank to make the entire image a click-through link.

  • Use the heading, text size, and color options to fine-tune the messaging.

Video Overview

This video demonstrates the slideshow section settings and how to configure the slide blocks:

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