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Additional information on recent Broadcast updates

Rich text columns section

We've added a new section to quickly build text-based content and organize the elements into left and right columns.

  • Each block has a position option for column placement:

  • Column sizes and text alignment can be adjusted in the section settings:

  • Mobile settings allow the stacked content to be left-aligned or centred.

Display blocks inside an accordion for the mobile footer:

In the footer blocks, you can use the new checkbox to enable the accordion feature for mobile devices:

The accordion option is available on the following footer block types:

  • Link list

  • Text

  • Page

  • Social

The newsletter and divider blocks do not contain the option.

Hide tag for products

We've added the ability to hide products from searches and collections. Simply add the hide tag to your product:

After adding the hide tag, the product won't appear on collections and search results:

You can still view the product page by using the product URL:

Sold out badge

Items that are sold out can now display a badge on the product grid or collection listings. The price is now also shown with the product information:

In the Theme settings -> Product grid, you can toggle the badge option:

Before and after block updates

We've added additional size and spacing options to the blocks in the "Before and After" section:

We've improved the placement of the "Remove" items from the cart. The link is now below the quantity selector and left-aligned to match the other elements:

Release notes

View the release notes for a complete listing of changes:

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