Countdown timer

Bring attention to timed promotions on your store

Broadcast includes a fully-featured countdown timer block for the announcement bar. Add the block to help highlight your flash sales and improve conversions.

Countdown timer block settings

After adding the countdown timer block, you can configure your flash sale's end date and time. Use the 12-hour format and then choose the AM/PM option:

Hide block after end of timer

This option will entirely hide the countdown timer block when the flash sale time has reached.

Note: In the Theme Customizer, the block will appear "dimmed" when the Hide block after the end of the timer option is selected and the sale time has ended.

  • This only appears in the Theme Customizer and not in your customers.

The entire block will be hidden in the announcement bar. Customers will only see other announcement bar messages or none if this is the only block.

Example of Theme Customizer "dimmed" version to indicate this block is not shown. However, you can still customize the time and details:

End of timer message

The End of timer message will replace the countdown clock with your message at the end of the sale:


Add a message about your flash sale in the text area. This message is displayed on the left side of the main countdown timer:

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