Display a countdown timer to promote flash sales and events

Broadcast's Countdown section gives you the tools to create attention-grabbing promotions. With customizable countdown styles, showcase flash sales, limited-time offers, or pre-order launches and keep customers engaged and eager to buy.

Easily build promotions that you can place throughout your store:


Design custom countdown promotions with background images and solid or gradient colors. Use the expiry features to hide the promotion or display a custom message during the countdown.


  • Choose an end date and time for your event.

  • Pick a size for the countdown timer and choose from split or centred styles.

  • Display a custom message or hide the entire section after the event.

  • Desktop and mobile background image, text size and alignment.

  • Add text and button blocks for event messaging.

Video Overview

This video demonstrates some of the settings and options, including gradients:

Video walkthrough for the Countdown timer section

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