Announcement bar settings

Announcement bar section settings and options

Broadcast includes several options to customize the announcement bar in the header area fully. You can choose from different styles like a slider or scrolling announcement bar and add rich blocks to enhance the promotional information for your customers:

Layout options

The layout settings include an option to toggle a border and choose the style of the announcement bar to display.


Toggle the border option to help separate the announcement bar and the rest of the header content. This can be helpful when using a similar background for both the announcement bar and the header:

Slider or Scrolling text

Choose between two message display styles:

  • The Slider option fades the current message out and fades in a new message when multiple message blocks are added. The "Autoplay speed" setting determines when messages rotate. Arrows can be displayed so customers can navigate through multiple messages.

  • The Scrolling text option auto-scrolls messages across the browser or device width, similar to a marquee effect. Use the "Autoplay speed" setting to adjust the scrolling speed. The "Space between the message" option increases or decreases the message gap.


Choose background and text colors for your announcement bar. Use a blank value for transparency.

Section padding

Customize the top and bottom padding of the announcement bar.

Learn more

Video overview of the different styles and settings to configure the Announcement bar in Broadcast:

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