Header toolbar

A compact supplementary space to include valuable links and information

Broadcast includes a rich toolbar block to help you store important links and information without cluttering your main navigation area.

Store all the quick links in this secondary space while keeping your leading brand and navigation area clean and easy for shoppers to use.


Display a custom message on the left side of the toolbar. This can be used as an alternative to the Announcement bar, keeping the header area compact.

An optional secondary navigation can be added to the left side. Store quick links here in addition to your main navigation. It is ideal for featuring new collections or sales events.


Add a border to show the separation between the toolbar and the main header area. Helpful when using a similar background color as the header. Use the opacity slider to soften or increase intensity of the border.

Social media icons

Store your social media links in the toolbar. Broadcast will automatically create the icons from the Social media links you've set up in the Theme Settings.

Add your links under Theme settings -> Social media:

Broadcast will only display icons from the links you configure in these settings.

Gift Card

Display a quick link to your Gift Card in the toolbar:

Setup your gift card product in the main Shopify Admin.

Language and Country selectors

Use the toolbar to let your shoppers quickly change the language and/or currencies:

  • Configure the language options in your Shopify Admin under Language settings.

  • Configure and set up the Country/Region in the Shopify Admin under Markets settings


Choose which background color and text color to use for your toolbar.

Section padding

Use the range sliders to adjust the top and bottom padding and increase or decrease the size of the toolbar with padding.

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