Header section

Broadcast includes multiple header styles to easily customize the look of your main header

Logo above menu

Place the brand logo in the middle and navigation below.

The design allows for longer navigation. Stores with many menu items can place the navigation below the brand logo and position items like language selector, currency picker, account, search, and cart icons on the top right:

Logo beside menu

This style places the brand logo to the left with the navigation in the center. The design is a more compressed header area. Ideal for smaller/shorter navigation menus:

Mobile drawer menu

This minimal style adopts the mobile design pattern used on all mobile devices.

This style is the cleanest option, hiding the navigation into a mobile-style drawer and keeping consistency between mobile and desktop:

When the menu text or icon is clicked, the slide-out mobile drawer is displayed on both desktop and mobile:

The search icon is placed next to the mobile-style hamburger icon for balance. Account and cart icons are on the far right.

Logo center, menu left

This common design presents the brand logo centered with navigation menu items on the left. Ideal for compact headers with a shorter top-level menu structure:

Text-based items

Broadcast can replace icons with text for text-forward designs:

Currency selector

Broadcast supports Shopify's Localization feature. A currency selector can be placed in the header:

Localization is configured in your main Shopify Admin settings.

Language selector

Broadcast also supports Shopify's Language selector and can be placed in the header:

Languages are configured in your main Shopify Admin settings.

Broadcast includes a powerful redesigned search tool for finding products and resources within your site. Predictive search can be engaged right from the header. Addition menu options can be added to customize the shopping experience:

Configure and customize the search features under Theme Settings:

Localization, language, and search toggles

Each of these features can be individually toggled on or off to show in the main header area:

Transparent header

When using a transparent header, you can experiment with different icon styles to help the icons stand out with your background image.

A large icon size sometimes helps to bring attention to the icons:

Find the transparent header options lower in the Header section settings:

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