Custom code

Use Custom code block to build custom announcement messages with HTML

Broadcast includes a custom code block to help you build customized messages with HTML and inline styles.

Build custom announcement messages and use targeting options to customize your promotions completely:

Example of custom code used in the above image:

<p>Custom code using <span style="color: orange; font-weight:900;" >HTML</span>. Build your own custom message block</p>

Target options

  • Broadcast includes target options to help you display custom messages on certain site pages. Use the Target page feature to customize which announcement bar messages are displayed on various pages of your site.

  • With the Target Referrer feature, you can display custom messages when a customer views your shop from an external marketing campaign.

  • The Target device feature displays custom announcement bar messages for mobile devices, such as shorter messages and custom longer messages for desktop users.

Learn more about the target options in Broadcast:

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